Decorating Magazines

While building my home I couldn’t get my hands on enough interior design or home design magazines, especially kitchen and bath related.  The ideas they contain gave me so many ideas that enhanced my home, like wood beams in my kitchen, ensuite bathroom and bedroom, my microwave drawer, gorgeous concrete-looking granite countertops, and my big modern soaker tub.  Some of my favorite magazines are:

mag1 mag2 mag4

When my house was in its early stages of construction I found it effective to mark all the pages in magazines of things I loved with Post-It Notes,  Eventually I started comparing and weeding out some ideas, then cutting out articles of things I loved the most.  I would take sheets containing lots of articles showing pictures and information on such things as tubs, general bathroom pictures, faucets, etc. to my plumbing supplier, or sheets containing ideas for flooring to my flooring suppliers, and it helped the workers to understand the general look I was after, so they could show me things they knew I would like.  I also liked ideas on organization (I have lots of pantry space) and small spaces.  Even though my home isn’t small by average standards, the small spaces articles really show us how to make the most of what we’ve got!  Like in my walk through closet, I have a small desk with my cool e-printer, an HP Officejet 6100 e-Printer Wireless Color Printer (which I love beyond description – printing from our phones or iPads is so awesome!)

While my magazine purchases have slowed a bit since I finished the house, I still get one or two (or three or four) every month just to keep up on the latest trends and keep getting new ideas.  You never know when the next house will come along, or a sudden hankering to redo a room!


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