Cooking Utensils – Spatulas

kitutenI admit I have a lot of cooking utensils – one large drawer plus a couple of good sized utensils holders. I have plans to convert my Lazy Susan to holding a few well organized utensil holders, which means I have my eye on a few new ones to add to my collection.  My basic collection includes a gorgeous set of Nigella Lawson utensils, and a variety of metal or silicone or Teflon spatulas, scoops, straining spoons and tongs.  After being well equipped for some time, there are still some things I want to add. These are some of the spatulas I either use regularly or intend to get:

spatulaDexter-Russell 4-by-2.5-Inch Stainless Steel and Walnut Pancake Turner

I use a griddle for making pancakes and other large surface things, and sometimes find my good quality large spatula is a bit small for the job, so I want one of these big boys. Its good quality with a thin blade and a handle made to stay secure  The USA manufacturer, Dexter-Russell, has been around for almost 200 years making products like these.

spatulasSilicone Spoon Spatulas – 10 x 2 Inch (Set of 4, Asst Colors)

I have several silicone spatulas of varying sizes but the ones I always reach for are the spoon spatulas. Aside from cooking, I use them to scrape everything out of my pots, making clean up easy. They’re durable and dishwasher safe.

browniespatAnne Marie’s 18/8 Stainless Steel Brownie Spatula

What’s neat about a brownie spatula that a lot of people don’t notice is its a guide as to the size to cut.  If you want to cut them all at once use the spatula as a spacing guide and it still has the right design to cleanly remove the square or brownie from the cake pan without making a mess.  But by all means, use it to cut them too, the edge is designed for it. A one piece construction can add to durability too. I love mine.

lasagna spatOXO SteeL Lasagna Turner

Based on the same principle as the brownie spatula, this is made to cut through and serve a perfect wedge of lasagna or other pan style main course dish.  The width is made to guide for portion size, and the edge is designed to cut through and remove a piece without leaving a big mess behind. I never hesitate when serving my lasagna with the proper tool.

GREspatGIR Spatula

I read about these because they have been getting rave reviews, and the reviews are consistently saying its a perfectly designed spatula that flexes in all the right spots. They come in beautiful colors too. Dishwasher safe; eco friendly material; unibody construction; heat resistant to 464F, non slip handle.

cake spatFat Daddio’s Cake Lifter / Jumbo Cookie Spatula

What a disappointment it is when we go to the trouble of baking a delicious cake, then ruin it trying to move it from a cooling or decorating tray to a cake tray. Or trying to lift a pizza to but it (I use a pair of kitchen shears to cut pizza) can be difficult with a standard spatula. This 10″ blade was designed to help us moving our cakes or pizzas around. Made with premium 18 gauge stainless steel with a comfortable black resin handle.

cake spat 2

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