Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

Mosquito Repellant Bracelet 1Cool idea – manufactured through hi-tech injection moulding systems, pest control repellent is infused into these plastic spiral ring bracelets. The pesticide is a natural formulation comprised of essential oils derived from mosquito repellent plants. When you wear the bracelet, people will smell the fresh scent of essential oils while garden pests are vigorously repelled.

The flexible bracelet is available in one size that fits all persons from 3-year olds to adults. It comes in three stylish colors for a touch of variety. Each waterproof bracelet will give you up to 250 hours of protection. In addition to being all-natural, this revolutionary pest repellent bracelet has the added advantage of being environmentally friendly owing to exclusion of chemicals normally found in aerosol sprays.

• Smells great on you but strongly repels insects.

• Multicolored for variety and style.

• One size fits all ages from 3-years on.

• 10-Pack ensures protection for everyone in the family.

• Lasts long and works great even in wet weather. Why should you endure the nasty smell of insect repellent sprays on your skin when you can wear the perfumed Pest Repellent Bracelet that’s even deadlier to pests?

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