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When I found house plans I liked I redrafted them to change a three bedroom house into a two bedroom house with a big walk through closet and a huge ensuite, and added the extra bedroom on the entry level floor.

My ensuite has a shower large enough for two, with a big rain shower nozzle and a separate hand nozzle shower sprayer.  I added a niche big enough to hold the large bottles of shampoo and conditioner.  I incorporated a very large vanity and a beautiful built-in linen closet with glass upper doors.  I also have  a free standing tub, which are perfect for a spa like bathroom.  I got the biggest one (six feet long)  I could in my price range in the simple rectangular shape I wanted.  I added a spray nozzle in order to make cleaning this huge tub super easy, and its also nice for rinsing hair.  In fact I added a detachable spray nozzle to all the showers in my home as well for the same reason.

linen closet.jpgshower head.jpgIMG_1176sink.jpg

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