bath-candles (1).jpgI use candles all over the house.  I have a pretty wall holder beside my tub, and keep some on the edge of the tub as well.  I have tall candlesticks on my dresser, and another set on a bedside table. They’re in the dining room and living room too.  I even have a tall wicker set on my deck.  There is just something so peaceful about having flickering candles nearby.  I also have seasonable candle holders that I bring out in various sizes, so I’ve learned to buy quite a variety of my candles in bulk.

Candle Holders

candle5Modern Art Candle Holder Wall Sconce Plaque Set Of Two.

Beside my tub, mounted fairly low, I keep a wall sconce that holds two candles.  I like this one for its modern style. Sometimes I add a little votive or two on the side of the tub too, there’s nothing like leaning back and relaxing in a hot bath to the soothing flicker of candlelight.

candles6Crystal Classical Candlestick Pair by Godinger

I have crystal candlestick holders on my dresser and in my livingroom, and a crystal candelabra in the bedroom too.  I love crystal paired with candlelight. These candlesticks have a lovely simple design and are a great price.  These would make a great gift, especially with some candles!

candles7Medium Stewart Antique White 11 1/2″ High Wood Candlestick

This a very pretty candlestick. Wood candlestick holders are a beautiful contrast to crystal.  I have a pair in my bedroom that I love.

Classic Atrai Metal Glass Wall Candle SconceClassic Atrai Metal Glass Wall Candle Sconce

Candles mounted on the wall reflect light beautifully. This wall candle sconce measures7 inches (Width) x 7 inches (L) x 34 inches (Height) and will add a touch of vintage to your space.


For the candles themselves, I like to buy in bulk – and don’t forget to use candle adhesive if you need help making your candles stand up straight.

candle1Everlasting Glow LED Ivory Wax Candles With Drip Effect, Set of 3, 2″ x 2, 3, 4″ Height

This is a set of three ivory candles in varying heights.  I use this type in a long shallow dish surrounded with decorative glass beads.

candles22 x 3″ White Pillar Candles (Set of 6)

These are versatile on any wide based candle holder.

candles3White Candles Taper 6 Inch. Burn 5 Hours Set of 72

You’ll be surprised how fast you can go through a large set of tapers if you have enough candlesticks!

candles4Candle Magic Adhesive

If you’re tired of your candles flopping around in their candle holders, just put a dab of this adhesive under the candle and you’ll have nice straight tapers. I use this  stuff all the time, and not just for tapers!

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