Bed Gadgets

There are lots of little things people can get for their beds to make things easier or more comfortable.  Let me introduce you to a few:

bed bridgeSleep Innovations Bed Bridge – for those couples who wish they had a new king sized bed but can’t afford it, especially those who already have two twin beds, this is a great way to easily transform two twin sized beds into one king sized one at a fraction of the cost, especially if one likes a firmer mattress!  For every day use some people recommend a mattress pad over it, but overall the reviews are great.  The size is standard King, not California King.  A good option if you want twin beds in a guest room that you can join together for couples when they visit.

strapThe ORIGINAL Bed Band – Adjustable Fastener/Holder/Strap/Suspender/Gripper for Your Sheets. Patent Pending – if you already have bed sheets that simply won’t stay on, these should do the trick.  There are many straps that don’t really work at all so its worth getting a good set. However, a better option is just to invest in a good set of Sealy Best Fit 100% Cotton Luxury Weight (5oz) Flannel Queen Sheet Set – Slate Blue, they’re the best I’ve tried at always staying on the bed.

bedskirt pinsSet of 12 Bedskirt Pins. Holds Bed Skirts in Place, Easy to Use, Skirt Can’t Sag or Shift! – I have added these to my wishlist and will definitely get them on my next order!  In the past I have tried those two sided Velcro circles without success, even lightly basting the bedskirt in place, and both experiments were an exercise in frustration, but can’t see how these bedskirt pins could fail.

raise it.jpgRaise Its – 8 pack Clear Furniture Risers – For the Bed, Desk, Table or Dresser – Great for The Elderly to get in or out of Bed Easier.  These are great if you need extra storage under the bed too.  They would also work for under plants or anything you want raised, such as ornaments or electronics.

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