kitchen1.jpgThis is my kitchen, during the construction process of my house, almost completed.  I designed every inch of it.  I had a small frame to work within, 12′ X 12′, in the original house plans.  Adjoining the kitchen is a dining room which had a bump out for the hutch to sit within, as many homes do in Canada.  I revised the house plans and moved the bump out to accommodate my kitchen cabinet wall instead, a very minor house plan edition, but it gave me an extra foot and a half of kitchen space. Basically that entire call of cabinetry and my 48″ Bertazzoni range  fits in that captured space, so it is a significant change.  It allowed me to have a huge island, deep enough to house a big 32″ sink which I totally love, plus a bank of drawers behind that for things like food storage containers and junk drawer, plus a microwave drawer, and my dishwasher.  The working surface is big enough for anything I’ve tackled yet, and it also serves as a great buffet when entertaining a lot of guests.

I chose to build my cabinetry right up to the ceiling, which means I need a step stool to get anything from the top but I’m ok with that, even the top shelves of my regular cabinets require that.  brought the deep pull out pantry shelves around the fridge out to the front of the fridge, it looks great that way, and gives me a ton of extra storage space.  I also have huge deep cabinets above the fridge, a couple of shelves worth, to put things like jumbo cookie sheets and muffin tins and great big frying pans into.  I’ve seen some people build small shelves under their toe kicks for such things too, which is another great idea.  I have a lot of spice pull outs and a garbage and recycling bin pull out as well.

IMG_2055I installed a deck mounted pot filler instead of a wall mounted one because I hadn’t decided yet what kind of back splash I wanted, and I’m really happy with it.  Here’s my beautiful Bertazzoni being installed, showing the pot filler to the right.  You can see the back splash I ended up choosing, a blend of granite and rougher stone, and it wipes off easily.  It faces my living room which has a floor to ceiling rough stone fireplace in similar colors, so really ties the two ends of the room together from a weight and color perspective.  Yet I used wood beams on the ceiling to define my kitchen space and mirror the transition of the flooring below.  I love my hand scraped hickory hardwood, but chose jumbo subway tiles for my kitchen for ease of cleaning.

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