My Best Measuring Spoons And Cups

I think we all do it.  We buy the prettiest things, enjoy having them, they look so pretty in our cupboards, but we always end up using the practical items that are also in our cupboards and do the job efficiently.

Measuring Spoons

spoonsThis Norpro 18/10 Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set is the kind I use. What I like about my flat bottomed measuring spoons is that they slip neatly into the square tin spice containers we all get from time to time (please remember to replace seldom used spices every so often, they get stale!), and they never get scuffed up with rough edges like the plastic ones tend to over time.

Large Lidded Measuring Cup

PyrexThe thing I like about the Pyrex Prepware 8-Cup Measuring Cup, Clear with Red Lid and Measurements is the lid – its great if you’re setting batter aside for a while, or save sauces to heat up later.  I have the other Pyrex measuring cups in varying sizes, nested in a couple of stacks in my baking cupboard. These are the ones I use for liquids, clear with the measurement on the outside, so you can set them on the counter and peer at the measurement to see that you have the right amount, and pour a bit out if necessary or add a bit, yet not spill them carrying them to the bowl.

Wet Liquid Measuring Cups

dig measI always thought nothing beats Pyrex for liquid measurements, but now you can buy neat digital measuring cups like this Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale, which display exactly how much you have digitally on the side of the handle. Its really a combination measuring cup and scale and converts standard pre-set ingredients like flour or milk from weight to volume.  The cool thing is that you see the 1.1 cups measurement on the side so you know when to shake a bit out.  This is going on my wishlist!

Dry Foods Measuring Cups

stainless cupsFor dried foods such as flour, I use American Metalcraft MCW4 4-Pack Stainless Steel Measuring Cup Set with Wire Loop Handle.  They also come in a variety of additional sizes.  What I like about them, as opposed to the Pyrex style, is the ability to run a straight edge along the top of the filled measuring cup to remove any surplus flour or other contents, thus getting a perfect measurement every time.  The placement of dried food in a Pyrex style cup  isn’t level enough to be assured of an accurate measurement, especially when using large sizes.

Flour Canister with Measurements

flourSpeaking of which, here is my flour canister too, a Camwear Polycarbonate Square Food Storage container, 18 Quart size.  I love pretty canisters, and have bought a few different kinds, but in the end this is practical and is the perfect container for my needs, so I try to resist the beauties that might otherwise reside on my counter when I know that I will just end up getting this out of my pantry.

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