High End-Low End Dining Room – Can You Guess?

I without doubt have VERY expensive taste. This can be a curse, because once I see something I want, even if its very expensive, I find it hard to settle for anything else. But what I’ve learned to do, sometimes at least, is try to find something very similar but for a lower price. Especially with accent pieces in your home, this can be easier than you think. In the end, see what you can find, and consider your options, especially bearing in mind how long you think you will have the object, then decide whether you want to go high end or low end. I’ve mixed and matched some high and low end items below. Take a guess at which are high end and which are low end. I bet you won’t always be able to tell! Click on the pictures to see which are which. Using original prices, since discounts can vary, our total budget for a high end and low end dining room, based on the items below, including six chairs, works out to:

High End $14,411.98 v. Low End $1,714.41

eames2Eames1Dining Chairs

Eames style chairs are very popular, but can be notoriously expensive in many cases. Not always though. The chairs have an abundance of style. Eames style chairs are known for being comfortable, and come in a range of beautiful classic colors. They work great as a dining table chair, with either a beautiful wood table, or industrial style metal one, or glass. Their iconic mid-century modern style fits into retro or modern rooms with ease. There are definitely some Eames style knock-offs worth considering.

table1table2Dining Tables

These are some beautiful examples of simple modern style dining tables. In my case, I chose to go high end on my dining table. With its simple design, I feel I will have it for decades, and it is of a quality that can be passed down for generations to come. But you can get a designer look on a modest budget. And you can mix and match high end with low end too, which can help to accommodate almost any budget.


The range of prices in chandeliers can be very high, but it is possible to get a high end look for less money. I went with lower end looks in some of my light fixtures, but they still have the same feel of the high end fixtures I chose. It took some careful digging to find what I wanted, but I was really happy in the end. Its often just a matter of looking for similar products in a lower price range. Find what you love. Then consider a cheaper version of it. You get the look without the price tag.


A 4 piece setting for eight can be expensive. Many people used to put settings on their wedding registry lists and accumulate pieces that way, but it doesn’t seem to be as popular these days. It keeps going back to the same decision – if you want to have something for years to come, invest in it. If you think your taste may change, or you’re just not sure, or you want something very trendy, go low end.


If you go high end on a buffet you definitely want to invest in something you will want a long time. However, a low end buffet can be repurposed as a side table in an entry way, a tv stand in the media room, or extra storage in an office. Sometimes its a matter of just finding what you love and enjoying it in the present. It doesn’t have to be an exact match for the dining table. If you love each piece, and the styles complement each other, mixing things up can add a lot of interest to a dining room.


A modern rug can add a lot of style to a room, and these two are no exception. If you have color on your walls you may want to go with muted tones in your rug. Or if your walls are neutral, add a splash of color in your rug. Either way, there is a huge choice of gorgeous patterns available now, at a wide range of prices.

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