A few things I wish I had in my kitchen, and a few things I am glad I do have

1.  I really wish I had put one of these roll out utensil holders beside my stove.  I always have at least two heaping full holders by my stove, and I have the best intentions of making them beautiful by buying all matching utensils, but we all have our favorite spatulas, and our favorite slotted spoons, etc. and they never seem to match.   This idea has inspired me to at least put my Lazy Susan to better use.  If any of my readers have good ideas for what they use a Lazy Susan for I would love to hear from them!  I think I will do some rearranging, so I can fill the top shelf of mine with three or four utensil holders full of my stuff and easily see which containers I want to pull out when I’m cooking.  See Utensils Holders here.

2.  I regret not putting under counter lighting.  I did put lighting in my upper cabinets, and have nice bright pot lights, but I still wish I had put under cabinet lighting.  Next house I’ll do both!

pullout-towel-rack_kanes-furniture13.  I really wish I had put in one of these neat tea towel pull outs.  I’m not sure I could have squeezed one in, but I might have just managed it had I known about them.  I did decide to put my kitchen towels in a basket under my sink which I can just grab from as needed, and I much prefer that to a drawer dedicated to them.  I think often the items under a sink are forgotten about due to difficulty accessing them.  On the other side I put a small bank of slide outs for a few cleaning supplies and dishwasher stuff, but I keep the bulk of my cleaning supplies in a closet.

And now for a few things I do have in my kitchen that I never want to be without again:

1.  My Bertazzoni, the best stove I’ve ever encountered (see recent blog).  The powerful fan that is required with these pro ranges is great for clearing the room of odours quickly too.

2.  My Samsung Fridge with a pull out middle drawer, which can be used for either cold foods or as an extra freezer depending on needs;

3.  My Sharp Microwave Drawer (see recent blog);

4.  Three spice pull outs (it was amazingly easy to fill them all, one for baking and two for spices);

5.  My combination garbage/recycling bins in a big pull out drawer;

6.  A humongous sink, I don’t think a sink can be too big. and I never missed having a double sink, I just use my want to rinse.  Any huge pots will fit in my sink.  I recommend buying the biggest you can fit.

7.  A huge island.  I did something a little different with my house plans to enable me to have a big 5′ island.  Many houses here have a bump out for a china cabinet, jutting out the side of the house, so the cabinet sits set back into that jut out without impeding into the room.  I just asked my builder to forget about that jut out, and put the jut out all the way along my kitchen, giving me about an extra foot and a half of space in an otherwise small kitchen.  I honestly don’t know why more people don’t do that.  I did have to resize the windows in the dining room to fit my extra wide hutch but it looks awesome anyways.  The extra space allowed me to have a double wide island with lots of space for a dishwasher, sink, microwave drawer, sitting area and big storage drawers for microwave stuff (under the microwave) and storage containers for leftovers, and of course the necessary junk drawer.

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