Easy Do-It-Yourself Backsplashes

backsplashphoto (93) biggerA beautiful backsplash is sometimes the most striking element of a kitchen design. It can either recede into the decor or add huge impact to a room. Whatever the impact you choose to make, there are many backsplashes available to us today, and most of them are easy do-it-yourself projects. The 2014 trends have our backsplashes covering anywhere there is a counter, right up the wall to the upper cabinets, or even covering an entire empty wall or one with a combination of cupboards, shelves and/or a range hood.  For this reason, it makes sense for a handy person to try to tackle the job themselves and save on the cost of installation. Classic colors such as those found in natural stone will always outlast the trends, If you really want to make a trendy statement and add a big splash of color, do your backsplash on removable boards, and then in a few years, when trends change, you can more easily change it. Small glass tiles have waned in popularity, but large back painted glass tiles or large walls filled with glass subway tiles are popular. Tumbled marble isn’t being seen as much, but walls of very small or very large stone tiles are popular. Solid surface backsplashes are not what people are looking for anymore, especially the little 4″ variety. Low backsplashes running a few inches above the countertops are no longer popular. Mosaic tiles with different ceramic tile pieces and colors aren’t being used the way they used to, but people are now blending thin tiles of glass and stone in varying shines and textures as they become more aware of the play of lights and shadows. I chose a blend of tiny long thin neutral stones, some shiny, some rough, a few glass, for my kitchen, as they reflect light very well, yet the neutral similar tones of the different stones give it a timeless quality. The ability of white tiles to open up a space is always going to be popular, but it is seen more now in large subway or square tiles. Glass also opens up a space, and if you want something a bit subdued, you can choose large back painted tiles done at a glass speciality shop, but take care in measurement and installation. For home projects, there are some very easy options for backsplashes.


Multi-purpose is a theme we find in many ways in our homes these days, and a chalkboard backsplash certainly fits that theme in a cute, trendy way. Using either a good quality chalkboard paint or chalkboard panels or rolls, it won’t cost a lot of money and is easily changeable in future.

Wallies Peel and Stick Chalkboard Sheet, Slate Gray, Set of 4

Wallies Peel and Stick Chalkboard Sheet Slate Gray Set of 4These chalkboard sheets are made of durable, self-adhesive backed vinyl that can be removed and repositioned easily. To use, simply peel the pieces off of the backing and apply to any clean, smooth surface or painted dry wall. This product is not recommended for textured or rough surfaces and should not be placed on newly painted walls, which usually need about 30 days to fully cure. To remove, simply peel and reposition to another area or return it to the original backing for storage. Wallies will not harm or damage your wall surfaces and will not leave a sticky residue. A package of Slate Gray Chalkboard comes with four vinyl chalkboard panels each measuring 9 inches by 12 inches and includes chalk.

Con-Tact Brand Self-Adhesive Chalkboard Liner, 18-Inch by 6-FeetCon-Tact Brand Self-Adhesive Chalkboard Liner

This chalkboard liner allows you to quickly create a chalkboard backsplash. The cut-to-fit grid pattern makes measuring and applying a breeze; just cut, peel, position and reposition as needed. Easy to use, just write and wipe. For use with chalk. Dimensions: 18 inches X 6 feet

Krylon Chalkboard Paint Special Purpose Brush-On 29 oz. Quart BlackKrylon Chalkboard Paint Special Purpose Brush-On 29 oz. Quart Black

Smooth, slate-like finish, perfect for creating or resurfacing chalkboard surfaces. Durable, long-lasting finish.

Self Stick Tiles

Self stick tiles are probably the easiest backsplash to apply. As the name implies, you just peel away the backing and apply. Self stick tiles are typically very easy to cut to shape as required, even easier if you make a template for accuracy.

Brushed Aluminum Wall Tiles SquareBrushed Aluminum Wall Tiles Square

Hide damaged walls with self-stick, tile covers. Give any area a whole new look. Durable, won’t stain, crack or chip. Ideal in kitchen or bathroom. Square tiles cover surface, triangular tiles fill in edges in four handsome finishes. Cut to fit with scissors, no grout needed clean with soapy cloth. Square tile package covers three square feet. Set of 24.

Peel and Stick Terracotta 4x4 inch Vinyl Wall Tiles 3 Square Feet Kitchen and Bath BacksplashPeel and Stick Terracotta 4″x4″ Vinyl Wall Tiles 3 Square Feet Kitchen and Bath Backsplash

This box of 4″x4″, 1.5mm thick self adhesive heavy duty PVC vinyl wall tiles works great for a kitchen or bath backsplash. Sticky tiles are very easy to apply and can quickly add style to a room at a fraction of the cost of ceramic tiles. These are stain and fade resistant and resist mold, moisture and mildew. 27 tiles per box enough for 3 square feet.

Tile Sheets

If you’re not familiar with the process of laying tile sheets, you might want to watch this video. While its more work than sticky tiles, a tile backsplash can add a huge amount of style to your kitchen.

Stainless Steel + Stone Mix Mosaic - Ivory - 12x12 inchStainless Steel + Stone Mix Mosaic – Ivory – 12×12″

This durable mix of metal and mother of pearl is easy to install and will add an unique sense of sophistication to your everyday surroundings.

  • Tiles Size Shown: 12in x 12in x 8mm
  • Material: Metal, Marble
  • Chip Sized: Mixed
  • Chemical, Fading, and Discoloration Resistant


Glass Tile and Stone Copper Strips Mosaic BacksplashGlass Tile and Stone Copper Strips Mosaic Backsplash

The smooth glass and stone pieces of these sleek tiles are mounted to a mesh backing, making installation simple and accurate. The translucent character of each glass piece in combination with the colored background creates depth & luminescence in any setting. Since the color is on the back surface of the glass tile, you don’t have to worry about scratching or chipping the colors off. One square foot per sheet.


For a country kitchen, beadboard adds classic style, and is an easy solid surface backsplash to install. You can make a paper or plywood template and trace it onto the beadboard to do your project using as few pieces as possible. You can also get switch covers with the cute beadboard motif.

Parkland Plastics PMAX2001P PolyMax Wainscot Planks

Parkland Plastics PMAX2001P PolyMax Wainscot PlanksThese PolyMax planks have classic beaded groove on one side and a traditional groove on the other. Manufactured from PVC, PolyMax is 100% waterproof and resists mold, mildew and bacteria. Its suited for high moisture areas such as kitchens. Easy tongue and groove installation. Easy to clean, virtually maintenance free. Prefinished white, but can be painted with an oil based paint. Size: 6” x 36” x 1/4” thick. 6 planks per package/9 sq. ft.

Also available – these cute beadboard switch covers – click pictures for further detail:

Brainerd 126357 Beadboard Single Decorator Wall Plate Switch Plate Cover White     Brainerd 126469 Beadboard Double Decorator Wall Plate  Switch Plate  Cover, WhiteBrainerd 126356 Beadboard Single Duplex Wall Plate Switch Plate Cover White

Please see this link for installation instructions for beadboard backsplash:


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