Kitchen Cupboard Organization

There are many items on the market today that we can add to our existing kitchen cupboards to make them more efficient.  I my last house, I added a lot of these products, and in my new house I had a lot of them built into my cupboards.  You really just need to measure the opening of your cabinet and find a product that will fit well there.  You’ll find lots of options.

spice1Madesmart Expandable Shelf Organizer

What I like about this spice organizer is that it is expandable inside the shelf to almost 26 inches, so it will fill the cabinet regardless of precise measurement rather than going almost to the edges like many add-on organizers. These are non skid and just set into place and expand – what an easy product to set up, no wonder they’re so popular! Needs a cupboard at least 14-1/2″ wide up to almost 26″. Dimensions: 3.6 by 9.6 by 14-1/2-25-3/4 inches

spice2Expand-A-Drawer Spice Organizer

This drawer is another expandable product that holds up to 36 square or round spice bottles. It expands from 12″ to 24″ wide. Works in a 24″ wide by 3″ deep drawer – you need to allow space for the jar laying on the product, even though its dimensions are 12 x 18 x 2 inches.

org3Better Houseware Large Organizer White

This tray is meant to be installed in the centre of a cupboard used to store trays or baking sheets.  Measure cabinet (at least 11″ wide) to make sure it fits. Dimensions: 7.50″ h x 10.75″ w x 10.25″ l but can be centred to fit a wider cupboard and have larger items like 9X13 pans or muffin tins upright on the sides, although most of those will fit within the slots.

trashSimplehuman Under-Counter Pull Out Can, 30 Liters / 8 Gallons

The Simplehuman under-counter pull out trash can hides trash neatly out of sight inside the cabinet. Good for recyclables too, and nice in a bar for bottles and cans. It glides smoothly on ball-bearing tracks and comes pre-assembled with just four screws to install. It extends fully out of the cabinet and has large stainless steel handles to pull it easily out of the cabinet. Measure cabinet size (at least 21″ deep, 20″ tall and 10″ wide) to make sure it fits. Product dimensions: 20 x 19 x 10 inches.

mixer shelfRev-A-Shelf RAS-ML-HDCR Heavy Duty Mixer Lift – Wire-Chrome

These are great for those who don’t want to keep their mixers on their counter. These devices are expensive (although a great deal at the time of this posting!) but they are made to be extremely sturdy to hold the weight of a working mixer. Right and left lifting arms, hardware included. Full height cabinet required to function properly Shelf NOT Included. You will need to get a 3/4″ shelf cut to fit your cabinet, and making it as wide as possible will give you extra working area – easily obtainable at a hardware store. If you add a little backsplash to the shelf you can store things on it too. Both sides need about 1.5″ of clearance for the hardware. Note – the shelf will sit below the counter top by 4 or 5″. Physical specifications: Weight: (lbs) 15.00 Materials: Wire color/Finish: Chrome. Adjustable 0 TO 20-lbs, 20 TO 3-lbs, 30 TO 60-lbs. Dimensions: 34 x 8 x 3 inches.

shelvesShelf On Wheels Expandable Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinet Shelf, Wood

There is simply no comparison having big drawers to store pots and pans or large items under the counter as opposed to crouching down rummaging through cupboards. These will make your life much easier. No more bending down to look in the back of your cabinets. Now you have everything at your fingertips from front to back with a simple pull. Great for cabinets to organize pots, pans, Tupperware, lids, crock pots, cleaning supplies, etc. Use two or three shelves for additional space and organization.Easy installation with 8 screws, no cutting, sawing or levelling required. Wood construction with 3/4-inch extension slides provides smooth rolling.The expandable pull-out cabinet shelf adjusts from 11-1/2 inches to 19-1/2 inches wide. (one shelf included)

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