Kitchen Organizers

Lately there are some nice organizational products coming out for the kitchen. Here are a few new ones you probably haven’t seen before, or updated and improved versions of old standbys.

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K-Cup Holders

Mind Reader Anchor Coffee Pod Storage Drawer for 36 Keurig K-Cup, 42 CBTL Verismo Coffee Pods, BlackWith Keurig coffee machines so immensely popular now, K-cup holders are getting perfected, and are now available in a design that simply slips under our coffee machines – almost no loss of counter space! I guess under some counters you have to pull the machine out to open the top but I pull mine out anyway so this is my favorite design. If you stack alternate K-cups upside down you can often fit more than the containers say they will hold too.

Chalkboard Stickers

22 Fancy Rectangle Chalkboard Sticker Variety Pack - Chalkboard Labels in 4 SizesI like these chalkboard stickers – they offer a variety of labelling possibilities. Aside from working on any clear container, they would be nice for using Mason jars to store dried goods. I want a set of OXO Softworks Container Set (12 piece) with these labels on them in my pantry.

Ziplock Bag/Roll Organizers

DecoBros Kitchen Wrap Organizer Rack, White (Large, 3.75 inch BOX)This product isn’t made for the jumbo rolls, but will fit three of the smaller rolls of tin foil, wax/baking paper or plastic wrap on each shelf, or two boxes of ziplock bags. You can keep larger rolls or quart sized ziplock bags on the top shelf. Its great if you want to keep the jumbo rolls in your pantry but some smaller rolls and boxes of baggies in your cupboard for light use. Small enough to store on the microwave or on top of the refrigerator.

simplehuman Tension Arm Paper Towel Holder, Stainless SteelTension Paper Towel Holders

What’s nice about the new paper towel holders is that they are tension adjusted, so if you have especially messy hands, you don’t have to hold the roll to keep to many sheets from coming off, you can take just what you need. simplehuman is a well reviewed brand, and the modern design would look good in any kitchen. The weighted base keeps it sturdy. The long term savings in paper towels would make up for the bit of extra money spent on a good quality towel holder.

Can Organizer Racks

Atlantic 23235595 Double CanrackNow designed to fill a standard cupboard, if you don’t mind being a bit careful, and follow the assembly instructions (wire hook facing outward), racks like this can organizer rack can really save you a lot of space. Its suitable for regular sized cans or pop cans, not the jumbo cans. The rack is designed to fit in most cupboards and pantry shelves, or split them up and use two units side by side. Some people use one in the fridge for pop cans, and one in the cupboard for soup. Capacity (each of the double racks):  12 soda cans or 24 (6oz) tuna cans. Dimensions: 11.13″ h x 23.50″ w x 15.25″.

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