Retro Kitchen Accents

I am always drawn to retro kitchen things, and have acquired a lot of them over the past few years, from counter stools to toothpick holders. While I love pops of retro style, I don’t always like the idea of using very old kitchen items, so prefer to seek out new products with a retro look to combine in my modern kitchen – the two styles go amazingly well! There are so many cute things out there to add charm to our kitchens.

counter stoolCosco 11120RED1 Retro Chair/Step Stool, Red

I spent many mornings at the kitchen counter on this stool near a window overlooking the backyard, sipping coffee and reading. Like counter stools from years gone by, its stable and sturdy with a 225 pound weight capacity, great for getting things from upper cupboards, no need for a separate stepping stool. If you have a big open kitchen with counters around the perimeter like I had in my last house, you can just set this next to a cosy spot. Its easy to slide out of the way when you need to access the cupboard it is in front of. Or they make great stools at a counter height kitchen eating bar.

kitchen clockBai Retro Kitchen Timer Wall Clock

What an adorable kitchen clock, with a built in timer, if you have a location to hang it where you can reach the timer easily. I love the modern retro look to it. Its 12.4″ X 2″ X 8.4″ with a one hour timer.  1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

toothpick holderRetro Stainless Steel Toothpick Dispenser

Everybody asks me where I got this cute toothpick holder.  It oozes old fashioned 50s diner style. You can fit a lot of toothpicks in it.  Just roll the knob on the side, and out comes one toothpick – very hygienic! Its a fun retro accessory you’ll want to keep on the table every day. These make great gifts for Dads.

straw holderTablecraft 11-in. Diner Collection Old Fashioned Straw Dispenser W/Straws – Chrome Top

This is another old fashioned 50s diner style product which is useful and hygienic. Just pull up the knob, and the straws lift up and spread out, so you can grab one and pass it around to whoever else needs one. This is one of the good glass ones, not a cheap version. No more spilled straws flying all over the floor. Great to put out at a barbecue or buffet.

bread bin.jpgPolder KTH-916201 Retro Bread Box/Bin, White

I love everything about this bread box. It has a retro style, that “clean” feel to it, and is made by a company reputed for its good quality. I love the simple style and line of this, and if I were buying one today I would definitely get this one.

tea towelsKitchen Dish Towels By Moda, Set of 4

I sew modern quilts, so I forget Moda makes vintage fabric too, and these adorable dish towels are a great display of it. Moda makes a variety of retro dish towels which are a generous size not. Its a set of 4 in a fabric pouch – great gift idea.

blenderWaring PBB212 Professional Bar Blender, Retro Green

Not only does this vintage green professional blender have awesome retro styling reminiscent of the early blenders, it has great reviews too. A tall, old-fashioned-looking blender, it will crush ice and blend frozen fruit in seconds. In addition to beverages, its great for soups and creamy sauces because the blades of a good blender whirl more quickly than those of a food processor. The fixed, self-cleaning stainless-steel blades on the base of the pitcher mean the lid is the only separate part to wash.

  • 40-ounce, ridged glass jar holds 5 cups of mixed drinks, soup, or sauce
  • Powerful 390-watt motor crushes ice fast
  • High and low speeds cover mixing, chopping, and pureeing
  • Heavy-duty base; dishwasher-safe glass jar and lid
  • Measures 16-1/2 by 8 by 7 inches; 1-year warranty, 5-year motor warranty

s&pSalt and Pepper Shaker Set with Rack

These sets of salt and pepper shakers in the little chrome-plated carrying rack aren’t just desirable for their retro style, they also make passing the salt and pepper a lot easier – another retro example of good hygiene at the table. Stainless steel tops dispense the perfect amount of spice. Easy to see when they need filling, the bottles are of good quality glass. Dishwasher safe.

12-Pack Vintage Milk Bottles with lids retroHalf-Pint Milk Bottles

These are sooooooooooo cute! Its so hard to find vintage milk bottles in the kind of condition you would feel safe using in the refrigerator for your milk and cream, but these are perfect. I buy bulk bags of assorted corks at the craft store and always manage to find some to fit my various sizes of bottles. They would make great little vases too, or drinking glasses with a straw added.

toaster retroDualit 2 Slice Classic Toaster, Canvas White

A lot of people hesitate about spending money on a toaster, but if you stop to think about how many toasters you might buy in a lifetime if they only last a few years, you’ll realize its not such a bad investment if they’re meant to last. I bought a pro model and if you have company, it will make toast batch after batch without diminishing quality, and I should have it for years to come. If I had seen these when I bought my KitchenAid Pro line toaster, which also has a bit of a retro look, I don’t think I could have resisted this one. Engineered in England, the key to Dualit’s exceptionally even browning is the toaster’s system of patented ProHeat elements, a series of flat bars behind a smooth, transparent coating. The elements are encased by a rugged, stainless-steel rather than plastic. Each slot measures 28 mm wide and is extra deep to allow for the use of the Dualit sandwich cage (sold separately). One adjustable leg accommodates uneven surfaces, and rubberized feet protect your countertop.

containerAnchor Hocking Glass Refrigerator Storage Container 2 Cup Size

I have a few of these cute containers. They hold 2 cups, are microwave and dishwasher safe – a stylish no plastic solution.

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