Stepping Stools

For those of us who have our kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling (especially the 9′ or higher ceilings in most of the new homes), stepping stools have become a part of our every day lives.  I’ve done lots of compromising by moving chairs around or climbing onto countertops, but now I have  two good stepping stools that I highly recommend:

stool1The Kikkerland Rhino Easy Fold Step Stool, Short, Black is so easy for kids to pull out from under the bathroom sink when they want to brush their teeth, they can set it up, then put away themselves, you don’t even need to be there to do it for them once they get the hang of it.  Kids like being able to manage such little tasks on their own.  Surprisingly, it is designed to hold up to 300 pounds, so if you need a small boost in the kitchen you can keep one there too.  They come in a lot of different colours. I also keep one in the garage now, for those higher storage shelves.

stool2For my tall kitchen cabinets, I need a tall stepping stool, and when I’m going up that high I like something firm and solid under my feet and a rail to hang onto.  The Davidson Ladder L436203 QS3 Quick Step Steel Three-Step Folding Stool, 17w x 24-1/4 Spread x 40h has oversized steps and is easy to unfold and fold for storage, and I don’t feel like I’m going to topple off it if I’m getting something out of the top cupboards.

Click here for a variety of stepping stools – USA

Click here for a variety of stepping stools – Canada

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