Kitchen Gadgets and Tools for Natural Weight Loss

Weight control can be a constant challenge for many people, and losing it can be even more difficult. There are many tools and gadgets that can be used in our kitchens which will assist in gradual, natural weight loss without us even feeling deprived, and others which are designed for a more aggressive approach to weight loss. We are all similar in that, if its easy and it is handy, we will use it.

Appropriately Sized Dinner Plates

While standard dinner plates used to be 8.5″, they have now grown to as large as an astounding 12″. People typically portion their food to fit their plate, and we all know the full feeling we get when we’re using bigger plates. Buying dinner plates in an 8.5″ size is a good investment, and people rarely seem to feel deprived when they go to the table with their plate full of food. You can even get a meal measure portion tool to further regulate what you put on your plate, which essentially follows the “heart smart” rule – 1/2 vegetables (or combination vegetables and fruit), 1/4 protein, 1/4 starch/carbohydrate. And remember, if you do have more, keep to that proportion of 1/2 veg 1/4 protein 1/4 carb, it helps keep you healthy even when you do overeat!

Corelle Winter Frost 6-Pack Lunch Plates, White Meal Measure - Manage Your Weight, One Portion At a Time


I use steamers a lot. Steaming leaves more nutrients in our vegetables than boiling does. Steamers cook gently and are great for most vegetables, fish, seafood, white meat poultry, dumplings and stuffed pasta. I’ve had a two tier steamer a long time, and they’re great when you are steaming large quantities of vegetables for a party, because you can start the harder vegetables in the bottom tray, steam them for a while, then add the top tray with the vegetables that require less time, and finish them all at the same time. I often sprinkle mine liberally with lemon pepper and find no further butter or salt or seasoning is required. The silicone steamers that insert into pots are great too.

Oster 5712 Electronic 2-Tier 6-Quart Food Steamer, White   Chef'n Sleekstor VeggiSteam Silicone Steamer

Measuring Tools

For those who are serious about weight loss, having the appropriate measuring tools in the home can make it easier. Simple tricks like using muffin tins to portion meatloaf or quiches can go a long way to helping us stay in shape. We’re less likely to take too much if a reasonable portion is already there for the offering. Some weight loss programs recommend certain portion sizes by weight or tablespoon or cup. It makes sense to have the proper tools at hand to facilitate portioning if you choose to use strict guidelines.

Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Elegant Black  Jokari Healthy Steps Portion Control Diet - Weight Loss 10pc Utensil Kitchen Tool Set Healthy Steps Portion Control Dressing Cruet

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Herbs Instead of Salt

Using herbs instead of salt or salty seasonings can cut back on a lot of salt (and puffy water retention) while adding additional flavor. I have one of these awesome metal herb grinders, and some herb scissors designed to snip what you need and chop it up a bit. I grow many herbs on my deck and in the garden during the summer, then dry them for winter use. Herb Savers are great for those who buy bunches of fresh herbs in the grocery store.

Four Piece 2 1-4inch Herb, Spice, Tobacco, etc Grinder (Lifetime Warranty, Bulk Packaging) RSVP Herb Scissors Cuisipro Herb Keeper


Juicers add a wide variety of fruits and vegetables into our diet in raw whole form, full of their nutrients, and are also popular for people doing a dietary cleansing.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer - Black and Chrome

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Non Stick Low Oil Cooking

Cooking with good quality non stick cookware greatly assists in cutting back calories from fat. There are good quality non stick cookie sheets and pans which allow us to use minimal oil (see links below). My current favorites are Nordic and Ozeri. Parchment paper can further ensure a non stick surface, and you can throw away any messes left on the pan. You can also get oil misters to gently mist the pan or baking sheet, or oil bottles that measure the portion you dispense.

Nordic Ware Naturals Sheet Baking Pan   12-Inch Green Earth Wok by Ozeri, with Smooth Ceramic Non-Stick Coating (100% PTFE and PFOA Free)

Kirkland Signature Non Stick Parchment Paper 205 sq. ft. Misto Brushed Aluminum Olive Oil Sprayer    Portion Pro Oil Dispenser With Measuring Tube

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Low Calorie Snacks

Hot air popped popcorn and sorbet are only a couple of examples of low calorie snacks. Apples sliced up with an apple slicer are always popular too. If you get into the habit of reaching for low calorie things you can really improve your general health. Have the tools to make it easy.

Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper, WhiteAmco Dial-A-Slice Adjustable Apple Corer and SlicerCuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker, White

I welcome your comments and recommendations of good gadgets and tools to promote weight control.

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