12 Cool Wall Clocks

While watches have become almost obsolete, with people checking their cell phones for the time, wall clocks are becoming more prominent in our homes. I have one that’s a few feet in diameter over my big screen TV, and love how easy it is to see. Some of the clocks available today have unexpected features. While these are not your Mother’s wall clocks, they would make a great gift for Mom! Click pictures for details or to buy.

La Crosse Technology Digital Wall Clock

Digitally displays time, date, day of the week and indoor temperature

Umbra ribbon stainless steel wall clock

Umbra ribbon stainless steel wall clock

Karlsson Wall Clock Little Big Time Mini, Silver

Classic modern design – love it!

Zelco Aquatime Rope Clock

\ For shower or pool with a water resistant body and second hand sweep to time laps

Gears of Time Industrial style wall clock

Gears of Time industrial style wall clock

Verichron Atomic Ball Wall Clock, Multi Silver

Stylish retro modern wall clock – very well made – I have it on my living room wall

Karlsson Wall Clock Falling Numbers, Black White

Funky modern style

Ghope New Decorative Wall Clock, Kitchen Clock, Artistic Clock with Butterfly Wall Clock Decor Home Art Design Modern Style Time Large Butterfly Clock Xmas (Red)

Domeniconi style clock

DCI Matte Black Powder Coated Metal Mathematics Blackboard Pop Quiz Clock, 11.5 inch Diameter

Math Pop Quiz phone

Infinity Instruments Turquoise Retro 9.5-Inch Metal Wall Clock

Very cute retro wall clock

Yesurprise Modern 3D frameless wall clock

Very cool, very modern 3D frameless clock

Kitchen wall clock with a hidden safe conpartment

10″ kitchen clock with hidden safe compartment

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