2014 Lighting Trends

Click pictures below for details on suggested lighting fixtures.

Matte finish in painted fixtures

Zuo Modern 98245 Tin Ceiling Lamp, Rust


Clustered mini lights for ambient lighting


Shades of iron and warmer yellow matte finished metals rather than shiny silver metals

Crystorama Lighting 4415-GD-SMW-CLS Chandelier with Swarovski Elements Crystals and Silk Shades, Gold

Oversized fixtures

Avico Suspension Lamp

Exposed sconces, rustic metal and brass

Elk 66815-1 9 by 18-Inch Insulator Glass 1-Light Swingarm Sconce, Oiled Bronze Finish

Plywood veneer lights

Woodbridge Lighting Woodbridge Lighting 13435MEB-SV1150B Semi Flush Mount, Metallic Bronze, Brulee Wood Veneer

Suspension lights

Romeo Moon pendant  suspension by Flos - 110 - 125V (for use in the U.S., Canada etc.), S2

Bold colors

&Tradition AT-209247 Spinning Mini Large Pendant

Unique sculptural, architectural fixtures

Logico Pendant Lights

Subtle casual glamour

Jamie Young 5NIMB-LATT Nimbus Chandelier, Lattice Glass

Statement fixtures adding style as a focal point 

Philips 41620-48-48 Ledino Energy Efficient LED Pendant Light, Aluminum

Chandeliers in rooms other than dining rooms and foyers

bathroom chandelier

Types of Lighting

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the overhead lighting meant for general lighting, such as pot lighting or ceiling fixtures. This is the primary source of task lighting in many rooms. Pot lights installed every few feet around the perimeter of a kitchen provide good ambient lighting. In dining rooms, chandeliers typically provide the ambient lighting, often with a dimmer switch for dining, when lower light may be preferred. Dimmers often control many ambient lighting sources. A ceiling fixture is typical in most other rooms to serve as the primary light. Care should be taken that ambient lighting doesn’t produce severe shadows.

LED Strips

LED strips can be placed in tray ceilings, along the edges of a bed, under kitchen cabinets, or in various other locations in a bedroom or living room to provide ambient lighting.

LEDwholesalers 16.4 Feet (5 Meter) Flexible LED Light Strip with 300xSMD3528 and Adhesive Back, 12 Volt, White, 2026WH

Recommended Lumens for Ambient Lighting in Different Areas of the Home

Room Recommended Lumens
Living room 1,500-3,000
Kitchen 5,000-10,000
Bathroom 4,000-8,000
Dining room 3,000-6,000
Bedroom 2,000-4,000
Home office 3,000-6,000
Entries and stairways 1,200-4,000
Hallway 1,200-2,500

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight features in the room. Drawing the eye to a sculpture or painting using accent lighting enhances the visual interest of such objects. I added lighting to my glass windowed upper kitchen cabinets and filled them with pretty things. It looks beautiful at night with just those lights on in the kitchen. Accent lighting can be very pretty in a garden too, especially useful nearby a patio seating area that is used after dark, or on the walkway to your front door. Typically, accent lighting will provide triple the amount of light on the object as ambient lighting. Pot lights, track lighting and wall-mounted picture lights are common sources of accent lighting.

LED Home Theater Accent Lighting Kit

LED Home Theater Accent Lighting Kit

  • 30 Ultra-Bright, Wide Angle SMD LEDs, Two 15 Inch & Two 9 Inch SMD LED Light Tubes
  • Wireless Remote w/ Receiver
  • Control Box Features: Color Adjustment Scan, Fade, Brightness & Sound Activation Modes
  • Eight Primary Colors Include: Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Aqua & White
  • Other Customizable Functions: Play/Pause, Speed Adjustments, Memory & Sleep Functions

Uovo Rechargeable Mood Color Projection Light – 256 Colors: By LampLust

Uovo Rechargeable Mood Color Projection Light - 256 Colors By LampLust

  • Colors change as you select the touch sensor on top of the light – 256 Colors!
  • LED’s – Low consumption, long lifespan – Brightness: 150LM (equal to a 15W bulb)
  • Perfect for party and even planners – can be used in areas without electricity
  • Comes with Plug-in cord and USB cable – Built-in rechargeable 280mAh lithium battery (3.7-4.2V)
  • Charges in 3 hours for up to 5 hours of use

Task Lighting

Task lighting helps us perform specific tasks, such as lighting provided using pendants over a kitchen island, or under the counter lights when we are working at the kitchen counter, or a bedside light for reading – now often done with sconces instead of bedside lamps. It can also be provided by pot lights, track lighting and portable floor or desk lamps, and should be bright enough to illuminate any work area and prevent eye strain. This is an often neglected area in homes, and can really enhance our lifestyle. Many people have had to wash dishes in a poorly lit area and longed for a nice bright pot light above them.

Adjustable Wall Lamps (Set of 2)

Recommended Lumens for Task Lighting

Task Minimum Lumens
Living Room Reading 400
Kitchen counter, sink, range 450 in each area
Bathroom mirror or vanity 1,700
Bedroom Reading 500
Closet 400
Desk lamp 1,200

how many lumens do you need

Types of Household Light Bulbs

Many of today’s trendy fixtures are incorporating LED lighting, the most efficient commonly available on the market. These light fixtures seem expensive initially, but the bulbs save a lot of energy costs over time. Standard bulbs are being phased out in many countries. Even when buying an LED or CFL bulb, always look for an Energy Star rating to ensure it meets the requirements for efficiency, quality and lifetime. Otherwise you may get a bulb that you expect to last seven years, but find it only lasts months.

Philips 423798 10.5-Watt to 13-Watt (65 Watt) BR30 Indoor Soft White (2700K) Flood LED Light Bulb, DimmableLED (Light-Emitting Diode) bulbs

  • Most efficient, longest lasting bulb.
  • Energy Star Qualified light-emitting diode (LED) Lighting:
    • reduces energy costs, using at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting, saving on operating expenses;
    • reduces maintenance costs, lasting 35 to 50 times longer than incandescent lighting and about 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting. No bulb-replacements, no ladders, no ongoing disposal program; and
    • reduces cooling costs as they produce very little heat.
  • To qualify for Energy Star LEDs must meet the following criteria:
    • Brightness is equal to or greater than existing lighting technologies (incandescent or fluorescent) and light is well distributed over the area lighted by the fixture.
    • Light output remains constant over time, only decreasing towards the end of the rated lifetime (at least 35,000 hours or 12 years based on use of 8 hours per day).
    • Excellent color quality. The shade of white light appears clear and consistent over time.
    • Efficiency is as good as or better than fluorescent lighting.
    • Light comes on instantly when turned on.
    • No flicker when dimmed.
    • No off-state power draw. The fixture does not use power when it is turned off, with the exception of external controls, whose power should not exceed 0.5 watts in the off state.
  • LEDs are small light sources that are often combined in groups to create a large, bright light.
  • Produce light when voltage is applied to negatively charged semiconductors, causing electrons to combine and create a unit light.
  • The heat from an LED is conducted through the back of the fixture, rather than radiated in all directions as with other light sources.
  • LEDs contain no mercury.

LED application

GE 13-Watt Energy SmartTM - 8 Pack - 60 wattCompact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)

  • Replace your old standard incandescent bulbs with these and save money.
  • Energy Star qualified fluorescent lighting uses 75% less energy and lasts up to ten times longer than normal incandescent lights.
  • Their longevity makes them a great choice for hard-to-reach fixtures like ceiling pot lights and chandeliers.
  • Quieter, instant-on, and warmer than the old fluorescent lights.
  • Can be used anywhere incandescent bulbs are used.
  • Take care to prevent breakage, as they contain trace amounts of harmful mercury.
  • Bulbs are recyclable.

Halogen Bulbs

  • Up to 40% more efficient than incandescent bulbs.
  • Burn at a higher temperature than incandescents.
  • Avoid touching the hot bulbs when changing as the oil from your hands can cause the bulb to heat to quickly when turned on, then explode.

Incandescent (Standard bulbs)

  • Most commonly used and cheapest light bulb.
  • 95% of the energy they use goes towards producing heat.
  • Produce light when an electric current passes through a filament and causes it to glow.
  • Nice warm light, complimentary to skin tones.
  • Available in general, globe or decorative shapes, such as for chandeliers.
  • Incandescent bulbs last between 700 to 1,000 hours.
  • Not energy efficient.
  • Governments around the world are either phasing them out or only allowing the sale of more energy efficient bulbs.

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