Christmas Lights

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It’s that time of year where we start thinking about Christmas, and one of the first things we think about is decorating the outside of our homes. Some people like to go all out, some like a wild variety of color, some like a simple string of clear lights, there’s something for everyone when it comes to seasonal decorating. LED lights use about a tenth of the energy of traditional lights, but the old style are still available if you’re adding to a collection.


Clear mini lights

Clear Mini Lights

Clear mini lights are a simple yet elegant choice for decorating. Holiday Wonderland 300-Count Clear Christmas Light Set are a good choice, the bulbs remain lit after one goes out and they interconnect. Grrrr nothing is more frustrating than trying to find that one bulb that is out. Mini lights are typically used around house windows, and look beautiful woven through evergreen boughs and massed on evergreen or deciduous trees. Of course these lights come in lots of colors too.


Solar powered LED lights

Solar Powered LED Lights

These Lycheers®Solar Christmas String Light 11m 60 LED Wedding Party Xmas Garden Fairy Lights Waterproof (Warm White) will run for eight hours after being fully charged during the day (about six hours) and have a steady or flashing switch. Suitable for outdoor weather.

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Battery operated LED lights

Battery Operated LED Lights

Battery operated lights are great for accenting something where running a cord would be impractical or intrusive. They look magical on an outdoor display of garlands in a planter box, or on a wreath or outdoor table setting. If you have a view of a patio or planter box from your living room try making a pretty display that you can enjoy from indoors. They’re also nice for indoors on a fireplace or table setting, or nestled amongst gifts under a tree. The lights are bright and can be set in steady or twinkling mode. Battery operated lights are best used under an overhang when used outdoors – a great way to use rechargeable batteries.

69-pack Christmas Winter Snowflake Window ClingsImpact Innovations Christmas Lighted Window Decoration, SnowflakeWOWindow Posters Santa with Toy Sack Christmas Window Decoration, Includes Two 3 by 5 feet Posters17 inch Lighted Waving Snowman Christmas Window Silhouette Decoration

Window Decorations

Lit up window decorations are a beautiful way to decorate our homes, because they add beauty on the outside and we can enjoy it from the inside too. They’re whimsical and fun for all ages, and an easy way to add charm in the holiday season. They look cute hung on posts or trees or on a wall in front of the home too. Watch for solar or battery powered versions of these too.

To check out a variety of Christmas tree lights click here

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