Easy Homemade Christmas Decorations and Gifts

Its often very simple to make our own decorations, and equally simple to add a hand made touch to gifts we’re giving. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing (hit pictures of suggested products for details or to order).

Stamped Gift Bags

I love the simplicity of this type of gift bag. Just use craft gift bags, a stamp, fine ribbon and tissue paper.

stamped Christmas gift bags

Craft Gift Bags - Brown Paper 1 dozen + Self-Inking Christmas Rubber Stamp - Happy Holidays - Red Ink + Morex Ribbon Neon Brights Satin 3-8-inch by 50-yard Neon Red + Acid-free White Tissue Paper 15 x 20inch Pack of 20 Sheets

Staggered Row of Hanging Ornaments

A row of hanging ornaments could be tucked along a mantle or dangle along the side of a chest or from the top of a window. Simply tie ornaments onto varying lengths of string or ribbon and attach to a dowel or wire, or even a fine tree branch to lay along your mantel.

staggered tow of hanging ornaments

Medallion Collection Red With White Glitter Decorated Glass Ball Ornaments + May Arts Ribbon White Satin String +Aluminum Craft Wire 12 Gauge 39 Feet BROWN

Homemade Cookies in a Jar

Many of the people who rarely get home baked treats are also the ones without any place to store them. A lovely gift for such a person would be a cookie jar or biscuit tin filled with homemade cookies.

pretty white biscuit tin

French Inspired Biscuits Cookie Jar Canister + homemade cookies (yum), or even store bought

Candy Garland

Real candy garland

Kirkland Signature Sunshine Candy Candy Mix Bag - 7 Pounds Value Bag + Stanley GR20K Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

Cluster of Balls

Just tie a bunch of mixed Christmas balls on varying lengths of string and joint them at the top to hang in a doorway or above an island or table like a chandelier.

Cluster of Balls

Walmart Holiday Time Mini Ornament Set,shatterproof Shiny Bulbs with Glitter,20x Pink-Purple-Silver + Offray Ilissa Sheer and Satin Craft Ribbon, 5-8-Inch Wide by 25-Yard Spool White-Silver + 21kBHoKvDZL

Paper Doilies Tree

Paper Doily Tree

Royal Medallion Lace Round Paper Doilies, 12-Inch Pack of 8 B23006 +White Round Paper Doilies Assorted Sizes (96 Pieces) Hygloss # 46810  + Paper Doilies 4.5inch Round 48 Pkg-White

Glittery Tree Branches

Glittery branches look beautiful laid along a mantel, along the top of a hutch or kitchen cabinets, as wall hangings, or in many kinds of Christmas displays, with ornaments tied to them or with decorations nestled amongst the forks of the branches.

Glittery tree branches

Tree branch + 3M General Purpose 45 Spray Adhesive 10-1-4-Ounce + American Crafts - Glitter Chunky + Deluxe Tidy Tray for All Hobbiests

Candy Filled Christmas Tree Ornaments

Candy filled ornaments

Package of 12 - 100mm Clear Acrylic Fillable Ornaments + Signature Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, 4-Pound + Dress My Cupcake 1-4 inch Sheer Organza Ribbon - Iris 25 Yards

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