Norwex Cleaning Supplies – no need to go to a party to get them!

I guess none of us really loves cleaning, but even for those of us who hire help to clean, unless your cleaner uses their own equipment, good cleaning tools save a lot of time and effort, and in many cases, cleaning supplies too.  I’ve been using Norwex products to do almost all of my household cleaning for a while now, and they really do cut down on the work.  Here are a few of the products I use regularly.

window cleanerThe Norwex Window Cloth, Antibacterial does an amazing job of cleaning windows.  I keep one in my drawer in the bathroom to clean the mirrors too.  Its amazing.  You just dampen it a bit and wipe, streak free every time!  it will do little shines dry too.  No cleaner required, just a bit of water, so although the cost of the cloth seems high, you don’t need to buy window cleaner or mix up a batch of vinegar water any more.  Or you can get it in a set with micro fibre clothes, which are great for all sorts of cleaning.

mopThe Norwex Mop Starter Package includes an adjustable mop with a large cleaning surface, as well as a wet mop and a dry mop, easily attached with Velcro.  When you’re cleaning the floor, when the mop head gets dirty you just pull it off, rinse it in a sink, and put it back on.  Any small sink will do, no need to carry large buckets around or replace the water.

cleaning pasteBasically, if you have tough grimy stuff built up on anything, other than silver or brass, Norwex Cleaning Paste will take it off easily.  I use it for my range and range hood, and any other thing that tends to get a greasy or sticky build up.

dusting mitTypically for dusting I use a damp micro fibre cloth.  However, for those awkward areas like shelves of books, or things with a lot of ridges, I like to put on this Norwex Microfiber Dusting Mitt and work my fingers along the ridges or into any little crooks.  its great for going along and doing all the ornaments and pictures and things we keep on our shelves or window sills, moving them aside and dusting underneath too.  Just shake it out outdoors every few minutes and you’re good to go again.

lint brushThere are a few things a Norwex Rubber Brush is great for cleaning.  Firstly – cat hair! Anyone with a cat can be horrified to find a previously unnoticed new favorite sleeping location of their cat, covered thickly in cat hair.  Rubber brushes are the only thing I’ve found to effectively remove it.  It also works great on carpeted stairs, and essentially will do most of the jobs that a lint brush will do.  But you always have it, and never need to get refills!

toilet brushNorwex Sanira Toilet Bowl Cleaning System is a combination brush and cleaning liquid.  All you do is press down the brush, and it captures the right amount of cleaning liquid for one bowl cleaning.  It works extremely well, you need merely buy a refill about once a year.  No need to be spraying powerful cleaners and ingesting their fumes.

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