House Numbers

photo (46)A quick way to update a house is by changing the house numbers to a more modern style, while preserving a design which suits the style of the house.  When choosing house numbers, it is important to consider size and location.  As far as size goes, the bigger the better in my opinion. Measure your space and choose the biggest size that will fit. You really need to consider location too.  Its best to choose the part of the house closest to the street, preferably under a light, paying attention to avoid any visible interferences from the street like a tree. And choose a color that contrasts the most with your house color.

On my house I got big modern style numbers in brushed nickel to contract with the dark grey siding.  I wanted big numbers to make them easy to see from the street, so I placed them in a square position, with the first two numbers above the last two numbers.  If I had three numbers, I would have got a size bigger and done them vertically in a row.  I placed them under a light at the left side of my garage, being closest to the street. Not only do I never have delivery people unable to find the place, but many people comment on my cute modern style house numbers, the first visible sign of many custom touches I added to my home.

number1Atlas Homewares AVN9-BRN Modern Avalon 4.5-Inch No. 9 House Number, Brushed Nickel – these are very similar to my house numbers, a smaller version, but a pretty modern style easily visible my street.

number2HY-KO PRODUCTS CO FM-6/3 FLOATING MOUNT HOUSE NUMBER 6″ BLACK #3 – if I had light siding on my house I might have chosen these big dark modern numbers.  Something with a simple design is easier to read.

Qualarc RIG-4915 Ridgestone Rectangle Address Plaque System, Slate
Qualarc RIG-4915 Ridgestone Rectangle Address Plaque System, Slate – if you have rough stucco house or want to cover existing holes, a plaque can solve the problem.  It comes with four numbers in a style that would complement almost any style of home, including mission or older homes

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