Outdoor Rugs

Spring is in the air, and the outdoors is starting to look a little winter-worn. While waiting for bulbs to bloom and the soil to warm up, I’ve been looking for ways to spruce up the outdoors, maybe even adding a bit of color. Outdoor rugs can add beauty, texture and color, and define an outdoor space. Outdoor rugs are a good choice for high traffic indoor areas too.

Look for:

  • Water resistance – most are mold and mildew resistant. Even when kept under an overhang, the rug will capture moisture and dirt from footwear on entry, after all, that is the primary job of the rug
  • Slip resistance – many outdoor rugs have a rough texture or a rubber backing to resist slipping. Add a mesh pad under the rug if it slips
  • Ease of cleaning – you should be able to shake your rug out and sweep under it to keep dirt from getting ground in, and occasionally vacuum or hose it down or even scrub it with a brush; make sure you hang to dry and allow to dry completely before replacing it
  • Fading resistance – some rugs are treated to resist fading from exposure to UV rays, especially useful in bright rugs
  • Appropriate size – rugs always seem to look twice their size in a store than they do in their destination – we get them home and they look tiny. Take the time to measure your space, and get the right size for the location. In a seating area, at least all front legs in the area should be on the rug.


Click pictures for pricing and details

Andersen 280 WaterHog Fashion Polypropylene Fiber Entrance Indoor-Outdoor Floor Mat, SBR Rubber Backing, 3ft Length x 2ft Width, 3-8in Thick, Medium Brown       Kempf Natural Coco Coir Doormat, 18 by 30 by 1-Inch

Come Back Indoor-Outdoor DoormatApache Mills 60-883-1403-18X30 Iron Lattice Entrance Mat, Walnut, 18-Inch By 30-Inch Kempf Half Moon Shaped Rubber Scroll Doormat, 18 by 30 by 0.5-Inch

Mud Chucker

Place one of these next to high-mud-traffic entryways – click picture for details

Wearwell Natural Rubber 229 Mud Chucker Entrance Mat with Pliable Scraping Rubber Fingers, for Outdoor Entrances, 12.4in Width x 15.25in Length x 2-3-16in Thickness, Black

Seating Area Rugs

Click pictures for pricing and details

Fab Habitat 5-Feet by 8-Feet Rheinsberg Indoor Outdoor Rug, Sunny Lime and Charcoal GrayFab Habitat Cancun Indoor-Outdoor Rug, Turquoise and Moss GreenFab Habitat 4-Feet by 6-Feet Lhasa Indoor-Outdoor Rug, Orange and Violet

Mad Mats Daisy Indoor Outdoor Floor Mat, 4 by 6-Feet, Violet b.b.begonia Malibu 5-Feet-by-8-Feet Polypropylene Indoor-Outdoor Area Rug, Beige and White Hilo Ii Area Outdoor Area Rug, 3ft7in x 5ft6in, BROWN

RV Mats

RV mats are especially effective at keeping sand out of your RV.

Note: if your cats trail their kitty litter around outside their litter box, that green grass rug (top right below)  is the one you want to place outside of it to trap the litter from their feet.

  Clean Machine Scraper Door MatReversible Mat 129127 Brown & Beige Double Border Design Mat 9'x12'Guide Gear 6x9' Reversible Lodge Patio Mat Khaki  Hunter Green

Search for more rugs here:


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