Google Glass – Wink to Take a Picture – I Want It!

Google Glass

Google Glass has developed a futuristic technology worked on by the same people working on such technologies as driverless cars – a wearable computer in the form of smart glasses, which are actually an optical head-mounted display (OHMD). For those who primarily use their phones as their computers now, these are an awesome option. The computer displays the information in hands-free format and communicates via voice command or touchpad. Google has patented the design of Project Glass. Only a limited number of these revolutionary computers have been released, but a lot of people are anxious to purchase them later this year, and wondering what the release price will end up being. Apparently those using them already are using them heavily for video and news content.

Instead of lenses, Google Glass has a battery powered heads-up display (HUD) which sits just above the right eye so you just glance up to view what’s on the display. There is an edition available for those who require prescription glasses for an additional price. The product has already expanded into gaming, and expansion is expected in the area of personal banking. It’s hard to guess how far this technology could be taken.

Google Glass


  • Smart Glasses Manufactured by Google® w/ Voice Recognition and TouchPad
  • HD Video Recording & 8 Megapixel Photos via Built-In Camera – say “take a picture” and it takes a picture; record and share what you see hands free
  • GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gyroscope, Accelerometer – ask for and receive directions right in front of you
  • Internet Browser, Navigation, MP3 Player, Voice and Video Calling, Google Now, and many more apps
  • ask whatever is on your mind and Google will search it
  • Voice messaging
  • Voice translation – ask for a word in another language and you will hear it and see it
  • Google Glass will be available in five colours; Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton and Sky (translate: black, orange, grey, white and blue)
  • iOS support
  • Google Hangout video calling
  • a lock screen
  • Youtube
  • Wink (wink to take a picture!)
  • Music


Google has also launched a series of mini games available to download and play, often using voice and head movements for those who don’t feel silly enough wearing the device already:

  • Tennis
  • Balance – has you using Glass’ gyroscope to try and balance virtual books on your head
  • Clay Shooter – blast clay targets
  • Matcher – a memory game of matching identical tiles
  • Shape Splitter – tracks your hand movement to detect AR shapes that you can slice in half

It is anticipated that these games are just a sampling of the technologies future games will be designed around.

Watch this awesome video:  Google Glass Video


  • Durable frame and adjustable nose pads, with extra nose pads in two sizes
  • Compatibility: Any Bluetooth capable phone (Google’s app, MyGlass, for GPS and SMS messaging, requires Android 4.0.3 or higher)
  • Power:  Lithium Polymer battery (2.1 Wh)
  • CPU:  OMAP 4430 SoC, dual-core
  • Memory:  16GB RAM
  • Display:  Prism projector, 640X360 pixels –  high resolution display is the equivalent of a 25 inch high definition screen from eight feet
  • Storage:  16GB Flash total (12 GB of usable memory)
  • Camera:  Photos – 5 MP, videos – 720p
  • Sound:  Bone conduction transducer
  • Input:  Voice command
  • Controller Input:  Touchpad, MyGlass phone app
  • Expected Battery Life:  One full day of typical use
  • Charger:  Included Micro USB cable and charger
  • Connectivity:  Wi-Fi 802.11b/g,Bluetooth,micro USB
  • Manufacturer:  Foxconn
  • Developer:  Google

Potential problems:

  • May be difficult to use voice command or hear in noisy conditions
  • May be difficult to see in bright light
  • Expensive – initial units were sold for $1,500, with no estimation yet of what the final price will be
  • Very few games available at present


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