Home Software 101

There are many kinds of software used in the home.  When I was building my home I spent countless hours playing with kitchen design software, trying different cabinet combinations and finishes, flooring, wall colors, etc. and it is amazing how drastic some small changes can be.  Its also easy to expand your usual taste choices and try to think outside the box by applying several changes you might not normally like just to see what they look like, sometimes its shocking how perfect an option can be that you might have overlooked.  The problem is that some kitchen design software is extremely difficult to figure out. Another kind of software I like is that which allows you to move your furniture around and see how it will look.

software1Home Designer Suite 2014  allows you to:

  • move furniture around in rooms to see how it will look
  • design kitchen cabinetry with appliances
  • move or change the size of windows and doors,
  • expand room sizes
  • sketch your own house plans according to the room sizes so you can use it as a basic plan to play with either for renovations or furniture moving.

There are many more sophisticated programs available for more money, but the complexities might make them impractical for the average home user.

software2Cook’n Recipe Organizer Version 10 is also very popular.  It allows you to:

  • Find and capture internet recipes and add them to your electronic cookbooks
  • Enter and organize your own recipes
  • share recipes
  • make a cookbook
  • produce a shopping list
  • provide nutrition information
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