The Sewing Room


You won’t see pictures of my sewing room on this site any time soon, because it always looks like a bomb went off in there.  In spite of my best efforts, there are albeit well organized containers of fabric everywhere, sectioned off into started quilts mostly, or in bins filled with polka dot cottons (like I use for these cute baby blankets) or baby pattern flannels, or different shades of white and off white.  Then there are the patterns and gadgets.  I have a full closet and dresser dedicated to them and to gift wrapping supplies, but they never seem to stay where they’re supposed to, I really don’t know how that happens 😀  I try to limit myself to not more than five projects on the go at any given time, but then I have a sudden need for some new curtains, or a slip cover for boat seats, or who knows what the next request or requirement will be. But within the walls of that room I have unearthed a lot of treasures, some of which I will share here.  Let me know what you have in your sewing space that you love too!

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