5 Neat Sewing Gadgets

We all find some things we love to use in our sewing room, and some things we desperately want to have, and here are some of mine:

needlesSinger Assorted Self Threading Hand Needles, 15-Count

Many people don’t realize that you can buy hand needles that are self threading.  You don’t have to poke the thread through the hole.  There is a ridge at the top, you just position the thread over it, tug down, and its threaded and doesn’t come out, super easy to use.  And if you know an older person who has trouble seeing well enough to thread a needle, these make a thoughtful gift.Ever since I started using these I’ve avoided regular needles.

iron cordLighted Foot Switch Extension Cord (15 Ft)- Set of 3

One of the things I find a constant annoyance is unplugging my iron every time I finish with it, only to have to plug it back in fifteen minutes later when I come to another spot in my sewing project where I need it again.  Often I just leave it on, but with this extension cord it is easy to just step on it to turn it on or off.  A simple little convenience for those of us who leave our ironing boards set up all the time for frequent use but don’t like to leave them plugged in.

sewing bookThe Sewing Machine Accessory Bible: Get the Most Out of Your Machine—From Using Basic Feet to Mastering Specialty Feet

I came to realize that I needed to better educate myself about the use of feet on my sewing machine when I took my machine in to be serviced, only to discover that I had been sewing with an embroidery foot instead of a regular sewing foot.  I’m not sure how long I had been doing that, but I know I need to get some more information about it, and I will start here.  This book guides us through the use of our feet, giving ideas as well as information.  It also discusses fabric, accessories, sewing machines and sergers.  I love that it goes into detail about what can be done with the feet and gives ideas about decorative techniques and looks.

bobbinsDritz Bobbin Box for Sewing

I’m not sure if I do something different with my bobbin box but I was always finding they would get tangled, partially unwound and half out of their spots before I was able to close the lid again, and I would end up fussing with them.  This is designed with a foam insert to keep them neatly in their place and tangle free. Holds 32 bobbins securely.

fiskarsFiskars 12-59787097J Donna Dewberry 12-in-1 Sewing Tool

This is almost the equivalent of an entire sewing kit, and what a stocking stuffer it would make. It includes a thread cutter, magnifying glass, seam ripper, piercing punch, punch needle, stuffing tool, knit picker, tweezers, safety pin, measuring tape, needle threader and long needle threader. This would be a great thing to take when travelling if you plan to do some sewing, or perfect for somebody newly setting up house. Fiskars quality – comes with a lifetime warranty.


While we’re on the topic of sewing gadgets, I’ve tried a cute little pink bobbin winder that doesn’t work well.  Does anybody know of a separate bobbin winder that works great?  I don’t like having to switch my machine over, and I quilt so go through a lot of bobbins quickly.

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