Sewing Room Organization

pretty sewing room

Its not the best kept secret that my sewing room doesn’t appear to be very well organized. However, I do have some methods to my madness, and some of my “stuff” is actually very well organized. I’ve been looking today at some more good organization solutions. Here are some of my favorite items, and some of the things I hope to get.

SINGER Universal Sewing Machine Tote Bag, CanvasSINGER Universal Sewing Machine Tote Bag

I have a hard sided sewing machine case for when I go to quilting lessons or something like that, and find myself wishing I had opted for a soft sided case instead. They’re less bulky and often have add on pouches.

Sauder Sewing Craft Cart, Cinnamon Cherry Finish

This sewing desk is nice in that it folds up when not in use to a small cabinet formation, which would be nice in a sewing room which is also a guest room. If I were to replace my current sewing table I would get something like this to keep the room more organized looking when I have guests. Dimensions: 28.50″ h x 19.45″ w x 40.08″ l (62.25″ w opened up)

Sauder Sewing Craft Cart, Cinnamon Cherry Finish Sauder Sewing Craft Cart, Cinnamon Cherry Finish.2

Bobbin Box Holds 21 BobbinsBobbin Box Holds 21 Bobbins

What I like about this bobbin box is that it has a removable lid. Sometimes I need to take my bobbins with me, so I have a great snap-lock case (see “5 Neat Sewing Gadgets”) but in my sewing desk I have a couple of slide out narrow shelves, and I like to keep an open bobbin case in there. Its not easy to find the ones with the detachable lids.

Rubbermaid Commercial 3Q24 CLE Polypropylene 15 Quart Roughtote Clear Non-Latching Storage Box, Rectangular, 16. 9inch Depth x 13.4 inch Width x 5.4 inch Height, ClearRubbermaid Commercial 3Q24 CLE Polypropylene Roughtote Clear Non-Latching Storage Box

One of the best sewing room investments I have made so far in terms of organization has been in buying several a these containers, which are large enough to hold individual “in progress” projects such as quilting projects, so I can keep all the fabric and partially sewn pieces and instructions in one container and grab it when I want to work on it. They also work well for sorting different types of fabric in your stash. Its important that they are clear so you can see through them when piled on shelves and know which project is which. Straight sides also increase the capacity for storage. Dimensions: 16.9″ deep X 13.4″ wide X 5.4″ high, 15 quart capacity.

Dritz Pattern File Box for Sewing ProductsDritz Pattern File Box for Sewing Products

These pattern file boxes have dividers (use one as a template to make more if you like lots of dividers) and hold 30-40 patterns. I think that would hold all I currently have, but the boxes could be used to store other sewing items if you want to get extras for future expansion.

SEWING BOX, Beautiful Handmade Linden Wood Keepsake, Poland Wood ArtSEWING BOX, Beautiful Handmade Linden Wood Keepsake, Poland Wood Art

This sewing box would make an awesome gift for anyone who sews, or you could fill it with a basic sewing kit and give it to someone moving out on their own for the first time. In any event, I would love to have one to keep the little things like threads and machine feet etc. that we have at our sewing station. Some sort of storage is necessary for all the little extras, and it doesn’t get any prettier than this.

Lifetime 4 Foot Adjustable 4428 Height Folding Utility TableLifetime 4 Foot Adjustable Folding Utility Table

I have the space in my sewing/guest room to keep an old retro kitchen table in there for a cutting/crafts table, but if I didn’t I would use my folding utility table, which I also use when having outdoor barbecues or for camping.

Edmunds Antique Thread Keeper, 12 by 3.5 by 16-InchEdmunds Antique Thread Keeper, 12 by 3-1/2 by 16-Inch

I think every sewing space needs something ornamental just to make it a pretty space, and I have my eye on this beautiful threat keeper to add that touch of pretty to my room. However, I think I would use this type more to line up threads required fora  single project, like an embroidery project requiring multiple colors, or to store a large quantity of white spools rather than for all of my spools, and would continue using something like the one below for general purposes.

Art Bin Super Satchel Box with Removable Thread Trays

click for details

If you have any neat organizational solutions in your sewing space I would love to hear about them!

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